Fairytale Games: Miniatures Collection

We offer beautifully sculpted Fairytale Games Miniatures you can collect or use with the Fairytale Games Universe, based on artwork from our games! 

What This Project Is About

Fairytale Games: The Battle Royale has grown from a survival tabletop card game, where fairytale/folklore heroes and villains are pitted against each other in a Hunger Games (or Battle Royale) style deathmatch, to now a universe of massive story arcs which can be found in each game. By requests from many backers of our previous campaign, we’ve created this one to expand on the storyline with detailed miniatures to reflect the beautiful illustrations from the games that can be used in the games. Each of the characters we’ve selected for injection-molded immortalization are integral to the storylines of our main game, Horror Edition, Steampunk Edition, Zombie Edition, and our Fairytale and Legends of Time Expansions.

Just a few of our Miniatures!

Minis Production

 Artistic Justice is proud to reveal that the company working with us to bring you top quality minis, is none other than Greenbrier Games! You may know them as the ones that brought us the awesome Zpocalypse series!

Another thing to note is that our sculpts are created also by an award-winning sculptor who created the 3D models for the hit video game BioShock as many of the top Minis for games many of you have already backed on Kickstarter! Also, be sure to check out their current Kickstarter Campaign, a dice game with a really unique gameplay concept….. Ninja Dice!

Miniature Tech Specs:

The Minis will be done with injection molding and the end result will be a much harder plastic than Zpocalypse and more equivalent to Zpocalypse: Aftermath. The bases will be 30mm for the regular characters and 40mm for Boss characters. The heights of each will vary, especially from a mini like Zombie Jack & Jill versus the much larger Jabberwock. On average, characters run about 35mm in height.

Here’s a rough mini scale comparison:

We’re trying to provide a product that strikes an excellent balance between affordability, detail, durability, and the convenience of the end user. To that end, Fairytale Games: Battle Royale miniatures are being made of PVC 95 degrees plastic. Though not a very hard plastic, PVC 95 retains a high amount of detail from the original sculpt, and is also very durable and will hold up well under use. It is also the hardest plastic that can be used that allows for the minis to be preassembled during manufacturing. The technology being used to mold the miniatures is quite advanced – multiple part molds are used, allowing us to create complex and dynamic poses for the characters; having a semi hard plastic allows the miniature parts to release from the mold more easily and minimizes the number of individual parts of a mini that have to be made separately. This essentially frees our 3d artists to sculpt the minis however they want, while also allowing the minis to be made up of only a few individual pieces that can be easily assembled during manufacturing.

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So How Are These Minis Produced?

Great question! Here’s a sample timeline on how our minis are created. From artwork concept, to 3D renders, to Moulds, to Production!