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    Networking is very important in all sorts of stages of life. It facilitates lots of things. If you have many contacts or good network, you get lots of benefits of it. Same is also applicable in field of Computer & Networking. A computer network consists of 2 or more computing devices connected via any medium to exchange information electronically. It helps user on network to share resources easily. People have started using internet to browse emails, newspaper websites, chat, blogs, search engines and online information, it means internet has become very important for people and they cannot go without it. There are lots of benefits and uses of Computer & Networking and some of them we have listed below:

    • File Sharing: Computer networking helps users to share data files easily.
    • Hardware Sharing: network users can easily share hardware such as hard drives, CD-ROM device, scanners, printers and much more.
    • Application Sharing: You can easily share applications among network users with the help of computer & networking.
    • User communication: it allows you communicate with others with the help of video conferencing, newsgroups and email.

    You just need to have networking devices to connect computers or many other electronic devices together. It helps share resources and files easily. You can look for the networking devices that help to setup a LAN. Local Area Network is common type of network device.
    A LAN may require:
    • Hub
    • Switch
    • Router

    Different Networking Devices:

    Network Hub:

    This is important and useful networking device that is used to connect multiple network hosts at a time and data transfer. It helps data transfer in packets. When sender sends data packets, network hub copies it to all ports connected to it. Network hub is considered as less safe mode because of its working mechanism that makes it more congested and slower.
    Network Switch:

    It also works at layer of Local Area Network but it is more intelligent and safe than hub. It filters and forward data and deal more intelligently with data packets. It maintains a Content Addressable Memory table.

    This is very useful network device in our daily life. You get internet connection through lots of wires to your office or home. These wires help carry our data to internet. Computer generates binary data and modem carries analog signal. Modem modulates and demodulates our signals between binary data of our system and analog system of wires. It can provide you more benefits.

    Network Router:

    This networking device is accountable for routing traffic from one network to other. It works like traffic police that direct different network traffic to different directions. This is also a good option.

    How to buy computer networking device via TVC-Mall?

    There are lots of networking devices available on TVC-Mall. You just need to browse the website and sort out the products that you want to buy. You can use filters to narrow down your searches. You can find some networking devices at best price.

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